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The Macomb Sewer Interceptor is located 65' below grade in Sterling Heights, Michigan. When this 11' diameter sewer collapsed, all flow to the treatment plant was blocked. That is when Patriot Pumps was called in to assess and fix the situation.

It was determined that the flood level of the sewer would be 35' below grade, eliminating the possibility of using centrifugal pumps. Patriot Pumps effectively engineered a system utilizing two 10' diameter shafts located over the sewer upstream. Once the shafts were excavated, Thompson installed 4 sets of axial flow high-volume pumps.

Two sets of 24" pumps and two sets of 30" pumps were stacked in triplicate. Two 36" HDPE discharge lines were fused and installed beneath the road.

At various times, the system pumped over 73,000 gallons per minute. The system utilized twelve 350 hp electric power packs with twelve 350 hp diesel power packs plumbed in as back-up units. The system was monitored by 5 Thompson employees around the clock for 8 months until the the project was completed.





  • Delta Township Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Niagara Falls North Gorge Bypass
  • City of Akron Main Interceptor Bypass 60,000 GPM
  • City of Southfield Water Main Project, Dewatering 23' Deep Next to Rouge River
  • DWSD Sterling Heights Sinkhole, First Responder Temporary Bypass Installation
  • DWSD Sterling Heights Sinkhole Design / Build, Installation and 24 Hour Monitoring of 100 CFS Bypass

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