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For heavy duty applications in mining, agriculture, construction, and marine service.
TUBE: Black Pliovic™
COVER: Yellow fire-retardant Pliovic, MSHA 2G-14C/15
REINFORCEMENT: Synthetic fabric
TEMPERATURE: -10°F to 150°F (-23°C to 66°C)
PACKAGING: 300' continuous one-piece, coiled and banded
BRANDING: Continuous brand example “Goodyear™ Spiraflex Yellow 2" (50.8 mm), 200 psi (1.38 Mpa) Flame Resistant, USMSHA 2G-14C/15. Made in USA.”
COUPLINGS: Contact fitting manufacturer for proper fitting recommendation and coupling procedure.
NON-STOCK/SIZES: Refer to page 300 for special production run minimum requirements.

Construction: Wellpoint installation; pilings; seawall installation; equipment wash down; dewatering excavations, canals and sumps; extended sumping
 Exclusive ENVIROPRIME® Compressor-Assisted priming system on all models


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