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Thompson Pump engineers have designed one of the industry's most versatile pumps by combining the Thompson vacuum-assisted priming system with wellpoint pump technology to create the VW Vacuum Wellpoint pumps. The VW pumps pack a powerful one-two punch with their solids handling capability for trash and sewage applications, and their high air handling capability for wellpoint and sock applications. This makes the Thompson Vacuum Wellpoint Pump a valuable, multi-purpose piece of equipment.

Groundwater and deep excavation dewatering
Sock dewatering
Wellpoint systems
Flood drainage
Bypassing of flowing water and sewage
Pumping polluted, hot or corrosive water
Surface irrigation (flood type)
Mining run-off ponds
Water supply and transfer
Pumping fluids with solids and sand
 All the features of Thompson's V Series Heavy Duty Trash Pumps and moreā€¦
 Automatic dry priming and re-priming to 30 feet
 Quick dry prime from 15 feet in 15 seconds
 Heavy duty cast iron construction for long life
 Large solid handling capacity
 2 or 3 vane ductile iron impellers available
 Cast iron rubber-lined, abrasion resistant wear plate
 Dry running abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide mechanical seal with Viton elastomers
 Back pullout design
 Oversized air separation tank
 Oil reclamation system to minimize waste
 Vacuum pump adds an additional 200 CFM of air handling
 Safety shutdown control panel standard
 Various diesel engine and electric motor options
 Simple low-cost maintenance

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