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The Thompson Piston Wellpoint Pump is equipped with many attractive features. Extremely efficient, it can operate more than one week without refueling consuming up to only 5 gallons of fuel per day. It is equipped with a sound-attenuated enclosure, which reduces sound to 64-dB(a) @ 23-feet. The pump is also capable of running unattended for long periods of time. All of this, and its high air-handling capability, make the Piston Wellpoint Pump perfect for wellpoint applications.

Wellpoint dewatering
Underdrain sock dewatering
Acceptable to all soil conditions
Filtered water transfer
Remediation and reclamation
 Self priming, positive displacement pump
 Can run dry for long periods of time
 Operates unattended
 High air handling capability
 High suction lift performance
 Extremely efficient – up to 92% efficiency
 Sound attenuated enclosure rated at 64 dB(A) @ 23 feet
 Robust construction for durability
 On-board stone catcher to protect the internal pump housing
 Double sealing piston rod prevents oil leakage
 Ease of use and maintenance
 Parts are long lasting and inexpensive to replace
 Thompson Pump's Piston Wellpoint Pump is enclosed by a durable, heavy-duty sound-attenuated enclosure providing 64 dB(A) @ 23 feet

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