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he Thompson Rotary Wellpoint Pump is the "original" rotary wellpoint pump trusted by contractors worldwide for over 30 years for reliable, cost-effective construction dewatering. This state-of-the-art wellpoint pump is specifically designed and engineered for wellpoint and sock dewatering with high air handling, large water volume and high vacuum capability. Other rotary pumps that were designed for industrial and plant applications do not measure up to the Thompson Rotary Wellpoint Pump in wellpoint dewatering. Don't settle for the imitation, demand the original!

Wellpoint dewatering and underdrain sock dewatering
Acceptable for all soil conditions
Filtered water transfer
Trench dewatering
Sewer pipelines
Lift stations
Head walls
Coffer dams
Elevator pits
Foundation structures
Borrow pits
 Self priming
 Unassisted priming and automatic repriming
 High vacuum of up to 29" Hg capacity
 High displacement volume of up to 400 CFM
 Engine speed can be lowered without losing vacuum
 One pump handles both air and water
 Positive displacement with constant suction
 Abrasion and corrosion resistant wetted parts
 Polyurethane rotors and stainless steel wear plates

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