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These durable fast action pumps make quick work of jetting in a wellpoint system, with sizes 3-inch and up, flows to 1,600-gpm and pressures over 200-psi. Time is money on a job site and Thompson High Pressure Jet Pumps are proven performers in the field.

Construction: Wellpoint installation; equipment wash down; pilings; pre-wet operations
Industry: Water jetting and blasting; standby fire protection; piping system surcharging and pressure testing
Agriculture: Irrigation; dust abatement
Marine: Barge cleaning and wash down; pile jetting; docks and seawall installation;
Note: Alternate pump end materials available for corrosive liquids
 High pressure capability for jetting
 End-suction centrifugal pump end
 Heavy-Duty cast iron casing and brackets
 Stress-proof stainless steel shaft sleeves
 Bronze impeller and wear rings
 Abrasion-resistant carbon vs. ceramic mechanical seal
 Discharge priming check valvesv  
 Suction and discharge fittings
 Hand priming devices
 Compressor-Assisted version with exclusive ENVIROPRIMEĀ® priming system available
 Vacuum-Assisted version with exclusive Super Suction priming system available
 Safety shutdown controls
 Strainers or foot valves are available
 Variable speed engine control

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