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Thompson hydraulic submersible pumps provide a powerful answer when high heads or high lifts become a factor on job sites. Decades of engineering excellence at Thompson have led to the development of our unique variable speed and variable flow hydraulically driven submersible pumps. The power units and pumps are manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron and steel for high reliability. The Thompson design allows for maximum versatility in dewatering applications and pumping materials

Open pit and trench dewatering
Rim ditches
Sewer lines
By-pass applications Pipeline dewatering
Floodwater control
Drainage and irrigation
Dewatering of gravel pits, mines, quarries
Sewage, sludge, slurries or muddy water
 Ability to place the pump end in the pumping source
 Eliminates suction lift limitations
 Pumps efficiently at heads up to 130-feet
 Variable speed and flow
 Wide range of sizes from 3 to 12-inch
 Handles up to 4.25-inch solids
 Up to 6,900 GPM capacity
 Delivery and return hoses with quick disconnects
 Third line for seal blow-out protection (available on some models)
 Optional biodegradable lubricants for environmentally-sensitive areas
 Economical to operate
 Low oil level and high oil temperature shut-down system
 Tungsten carbide mechanical seal with viton elastomers

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