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Diaphragm pumps are ideally suited for all sectors of the construction industry as well as for municipal and industrial applications where dry priming pumps are required. They are particularly useful for pumping muddy water, sludge or any liquid with a high percentage of solids. One of the best features of the diaphragm pumps is that they can run dry indefinitely without damage.

Construction: Open pit dewatering; low-volume bypass; cleaning manholes; slurry transfer
Water Treatment: Pumping out neutralized sludge; cleaning cesspools/septic tanks
Industry: Pumping out sludge; paper mills; food processing; wood pulp; water with wood chips; bilge pumping; dyes; cutting water; circulation; juices; must; wort; wine lees; effluent from washing textiles or fibers
 Automatic dry priming
 Quick dry prime from 20 feet
 Self-priming, positive displacement
 Able to run dry indefinitely
 Passage of large solids
 Lightweight rugged construction
 High resistance to abrasive and corrosive liquids
 Wear parts are easily replaced
 Rotating parts do not come in contact with the pumping liquid
 Optional spring-loaded connecting rod to protect against pump casing damage
 Optional stainless steel wear plates and optional ball valves for the suction and discharge are available.
 Long lasting neoprene diaphragms and suction and discharge check valves standard. Other materials are optional.
 Various diesel and gasoline engine and electric motor options
 Simple low-cost maintenance
 Economical to operate  

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