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Wil-loc Galvanized Pipe is built to the rugged standards required for suction and discharge applications found in dewatering, sewer bypass, vac-truck and viscous material handling jobs. Not just any pipe can handle the strain and abuse of these industrial environments. With over 40 years of fi eld-tested experience, Wil-loc Pipe matches the industry’s best combination of dependable performance and superior value.
Wil-loc Pipe is manufactured from laminated steel formed by a cold rolling process. Seams are longitudinally or spiral welded by an electrical arc process for unmatched strength. Our wall thickness outperforms and outlasts irrigation-grade piping.
Wil-loc Pipe is galvanized by vertical immersion in a zinc bath at 450° C. This process is ideally suited for pipe, as both internal and external surfaces are evenly coated, leaving no beads or scum. To ensure perfect galvanization, our zinc bath uses 99.995% pure electrolytic zinc with aluminum added in a 2 to 3% proportion. All Wil-loc Couplings are spin dried to minimize material pooling.
All pipe is equipped with the Wil-loc Quick Coupling System, providing flexibility in application and trouble-free assembly. Integrated rubber O-rings not only prevent leakage, they allow for full vacuum throughout the system.

Mining & Tunneling
Civil Engineering Projects
Road Construction
Fresh Water Delievery
Wastewater Management
Compressed Air Systems
Offshore Drilling
Emergency / Disaster Control
Potable Water Supply
Sewage Removal
Waste Removal
By-Pass Lines
Emission Handling
Petrol-Chemical Applications
Vacuum Extraction Systems
Irrigation & Drainage
 Full vacuum rating (29 Hg) makes Wil-loc Pipe the most versatile and durable pipe in the industry.
 Industrial grade wall thickness ensures pipe will not collapse undervacuum and minimizes transportation damage.
 Wil-loc’s articulating coupling system provides maximum fl exibility in system design.
 More cost effective than high abrasive hose in most abrasive applications.
 No relief valves needed for long discharge systems due to vacuum rating.
 Wil-loc Pipe is an ideal substitution for hose on long suction applications.
Lowers Operating Costs
 Typical coupling time of 10 - 15 seconds
 Quick Coupling connections decrease man-hours for pump installation/dismantling
 Ball and Socket designed with O-Ring ensures vacuum-tight seal
 Durable construction provides years of use and decreases replacement costs
 Lever locking clamps can be secured with locking pin to prevent accidental or deliberate uncoupling
 Up to 30° coupling articulation allows for misaligned connections

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