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Designed to the same demanding specifications as the Thompson cast iron Wet Prime Trash Pumps, the Thompson Utility Trash Pumps give high performance with the mobility of a lightweight cast aluminum housing. For durability, portability and flexibility, the Thompson Utility Trash Pump performs over the long haul with low maintenance for continued service.

Excavation dewatering
Solids entrained and sediment laden mixtures
Sewage (transfer)
Booster (service)
Liquid (fertilizer)
Stand-by or emergency dewatering
Flood (drainage)
Groundwater (dewatering)
Water supply from wells or canals
Filling water trucks and pre-wet operations
 Heavy duty steel protective roll cage
 Self priming
 Lightweight aluminum pump housing
 Large solids handling capability
 Suction check valve
 Flows to 680-gpm and heads to 98-feet
 Volute and impeller are made of cast iron for abrasion resistance and long life
 Mechanical seal has silicone carbide seal faces and is grease lubricated
 Compact close coupled design
 Front pull out design
 Parts are easily replaceable in the field
 Long lasting and durable
 Large clean-out cover with hand wrenches
 Lightweight and portable
 Quick repairs and shorter down times
 Replaceable cast iron volute and impeller
 Replaceable cast iron rubber-lined wear plate
 Replaceable suction and discharge ports
 Economical to operate

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